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 [Scanlation Release] ToraDora! Chapter 1

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PostSubject: [Scanlation Release] ToraDora! Chapter 1   Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:13 am

Translator: Yukihito
Cleaner: Doragon
Typesetter: Doragon
Raw Provider: Crazy's Manga & c_k

120 hours. Yes, I spent 5 days on this chapter. 24 hours looking for fonts, 24 hours cleaning, 24 hours proofing, and 48 hours typesetting. No, I'm exaggerating, but at least this tells everyone that I wasn't slacking off this past few days. Expect Rotte no Omocha in 4 days or so. Right now, I'm pretty much stuck with other groups I'm affiliated to. I blame Twi because he's getting laaaaazy with Melty Blood. Oh, and speaking of Rotte no Omocha, I was in total raaaaaaage yesterday. Mainly because a certain group used the translations for Rotte no Omocha that was reserved for us, and basically ruined our surprise. More so, they haven't even apologized yet.

Quote :
"I am very disappointed in you! That's the reason why you should ask the translator who translated a certain chapter first before using the translation for your scanlation! Please take this down!"

That's... what I should have said, but since I was in total raaaaaaage yesterday, I simply bad mouthed them. Though I have no regrets whatsoever since they haven't apologized to us and Do Kesubei.

Well, enough of my rant. Let's move into the relevant matter at hand! Thanks to Yukihito for helping us translate this chapter. Send her your thanks, ingrates. We'll be starting ToraDora from chapters 1-16 and release on a weekly basis with her translations. Also thanks to c_k and Crazy's manga for providing the raws. Oh, and here's an announcement from me to you. Our forum is finally open! Please visit us if you like our releases! It's relatively new, so we would appreciate it if you stop by there sometimes to talk and... make it not so new. Well, you will stop by there anyways even if you don't want to since the download link leads directly to our forum release page. So yeah, enjoy.

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[Scanlation Release] ToraDora! Chapter 1
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