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 End of Fall Major Cleaning!?

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PostSubject: End of Fall Major Cleaning!?   Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:51 am

Yuh-yuh. Just cleaned up the forum a bit. Slightly tidier now, no? No? Well... crap. Anyway, some shit happened in MH, so I'm not going to be putting up any of our scanlation release thar until further notice (Or at least until I get the full picture of what the hell's been happenin', then yeah.) But that doesn't change anything about this new policy thingy. Nvm, thanks to some clarification by a couple of cool peepohs. Uh-huh All downloads will be via xdcc. Mirrors will be made at the Storage, the area where the archives are. Though with that said, we won't be posting the mirrors until a day or three (yes, three) prior to the release of the scanlation. A~nd with that said also, the Storage is under construction at the meantime. So generally speaking, the only way you can download for now is by irc, and this will last maybe more than a week till' I finish up the mirroring and crap. Lololol, Doragon is so unreasonable. Can somebody rape him? Anyone?
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End of Fall Major Cleaning!?
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